Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I thought I would join the exciting world of blogging. Only so the aunts and uncles (mostly aunts) can see there adorable nephew malaki..haha. and so you can stalk us..its ok, just admit it. So recently malaki and I have just been hanging out in the north pole literaly. It's freezing here and there is sooo sooo sooo sooo so much snow. But in all honesty I do have to say that I love it! There's something about it that draws me to montana. I think it is the beautiful trees, mountains and the sky! When its not snowing and blowing its truly is awesome. And for the record its about 100x easier to live here than Fort Shaw. So that's a plus, the wind doesn't blow you away here. So I guess I'm gonna post some pictures. I think most of them are really old but oh well...
so I really suck at figuring out how all this works. But these pictures are from Christmas day. It snowed like 2 1/2 feet in like 24 hours. something like that. these pictures don't even do it justice either. The snow felt like water it was so cool.

The other day I took the Brazilian girl sledding for the first time. They have this tinny tiny hill at the city park..since the park toys are buried by the snow I guess they feel the least they can do is build a snow hill for the the kiddies. Well it just isn't for kids I love it TOO! So to the left in the red is Anna Clara. To start the day off Fernanda and I went first and Anna was going to take pictures. And she was supposed to get a video..but that didn't work out. So it had been snowing for like 3 days straight but it was really wet sticky wet wet sticky snow right. ok so the hill is so tiny and small if you wanna go fast like ricky bobby you have to back way up and get a running head start and dive on your it was Fernanda's first time so she decided to take it easy and just sit and go on her but., we we're going at the same time. so here I go torpedo speed and dive on my belly...weeeeellllll the snow was so wet and sticky, and as my luck would have its way, my toob didn't go ANYWHERE. I basicly did a face planted it and my legs flipped over my head. I was laughing sooooooo hard tears laughing so hard and thinking. 1 this is gonna be awesome to see on video 2 I'm definitely gonna have to see the chiropractor tomorrow. So I look up at Fernanda, she is so sweet and not laughing she says. And you have to picture a Brazilian accent.."my god, my god, are you ok." and I am rolling laughing so hard. I said "its good its good" she says "no its not good, its blood" I felt my chin and I had cut open my chin. :( sad story. but it seriously was hilarious. so here you go. And I guess it doesn't look that bad but it was a good story.

here we are snowboarding in Big Sky. That was really fun. But let me tell you I am not good by any means at all..the next day I was miserable! my felt like I had just done 2 weeks of 2-a-days. Yep that's how sore I was. The other day I got the privilege to go into the park on a snowmobile with Robb. That's his job, he is a back country snowmobile guide and then he also fills in and will do park tours. So I've been wanting to do this all winter. There are alot of locals that haven't even been in the park in the winter. It is extremely expensive and ridiculously priced. So I guess you could say its a real treat. And it was perfect because Malaki was with his dad and I didn't have to work that night. Lets just say I picked the most miserable day to go in, in the history of the park. :) yep it was awesome! NOT. It was like 20* (thats my deg symbol) and it was seriously a blizzard. you could even see in front of you. I had the option of driving my own sled which I love to do, or I could ride behind Robb. Well I chose the smarter option thankfully there was a point I just put my face down and closed my eyes in was that excruciating. Best of all I was so bundled up I just bought new snow pants I have an awesome coat, hat, gloves, nice boots, a good motocross helmet, goggles, everything right. I was still freezing. Well there was this one lady in our group from CA obviously, idiot, no offense to anyone. but the lady had dress boots on with a 2 inch heal and track slicks that she tucked into her boots and a leather jacket and gloves that were probably 60 years old not kidding, and one of thosel like tiny yarn just for looks scarfs, well the helmets you get at the rental place suck they are like a bike helmet with a visor you pull down. so basicaly the wind goes right up your face. Well the lady didn't even complain once bless her heart but really really?


  1. Nice pictures! I'm glad your blogging - now you don't feel so far away.

  2. hahahhahaha
    sorry for the video...but i will in the next winter, ok?? yesss...i will come back!!!! i loved your blog and our picture and that hilarius day...
    miss u =**

    Ana Clara