Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no no no this isn't happening!

Yes yes it did. my baby turned 4 :( what a sad day. but it wasn't it was really fun. we really didn't do a heck of alot on his real day. through out the week we went swimming at sand hallow aquatic center (aka SHAC) we went to the pet store, and didn't get anything (yay for me for not giving in to myself..haha) we had a play date that was really fun. so ever since we've been at momma lee's we've done alot. so for his actually birthDAY we went and he got to pick out a toy..and had a picnic at the park. and i made him a killer cake. we all loved it. it was really fun. we had gyro's for dinner :) mmmm..yes they were soooo good. and we had presents..basicaly a bunch of clothes that were much needed! also next wed i am throwing malaki a suprise party at our house in montana. so hopefully i can get some where with internet to post pictures of that. .so happy birthday to my baby boy I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

post halloween night..

This is what happens when mom says enough candy..what a sad day!

mr. cowboy guy

Malaki had the option of being the pirate he was last year (which i love) or to be a 'cowboy guy' he kept calling himself. so here he is himself COWBOY GUY!

Angels Landing hike in Zion

Ok seriously! i hate loading pictures on here it never works out right for me!! arrr... look closely at this next picture along the spine you can see the chain where you walk. insane!!

The view!!!

march 08 i did the angels landing hike in zion, and I think ever since I did it, I've wanted to take mom. so FINALLY!!!! we did it last week it was soooo much fun. She loved it as well. Funny thing is, i thought she was really enjoying herself. the hike is difficult but we just chatted away so it went by very quickly thinking she is doing good. As many of you know the hike is crazy. you walk along the spine at the very top that totally varries in width. The have chains and rails to hold on too. it is pretty scary if you are afraid of hights. I think that kinda stuff is great!! i knew she was very nervous to do it, but i thought she'd do fine, its not that bad. To our suprise there were a ton of people hiking too. (not a ton, but quite a few) we thought it would be close to the off season and not that many people. anyways there is a spot that is kind of like a decision spot. if you want to keep going. so there are so many people that do this hard strenuous hike and dont even finish the last leg that is thee "angels landing" and truely it is amazing! So we finished and were on our way down and mom said "i think thats the most scared i've ever been in my life" haha. sorry i shouldn't laugh but she kept her cool so good. and i dont know if you all know but there has been many deaths on this paticular trail. the most recent one this last august. i dont know why but i kept saying jump. and mom was freaking out. 'dont you dare say that j word again' haha i would just use it in every sentence. its probably not funny to joke, but i'm kinda sick and twisted like that..haha..anywho here are some pictures..enjoy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

clothes exchange..or clothes for the taking

dear sisters. so i have gone through malaki's clothes. so when we all go for grandma's wedding who ever can have them. i thought if you guys are needing to get rid of or just felling that you need to share clothes, you should bring them if you can. i know some are flying and i know you probably dont have room but just in case. or if you want to leave some room for clothes to bring home...love you all!!! hope everything is great and we'll see you soon!!!! brooke hold onto that baby so you can make it!!! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

our new baby...

So ever since we have visited bekah, i just really have wanted a cat. I know kinda weird. Thats what we both think. That when we were younger we hated cats. but...i found a little place in my heart for them. So i have been searching for the best one. and low and behold craigslist came threw for me..haha.
We love "yagi" he is so fluffy and cute. kinda scared for when he starts shedding..but maybe then we will just shave him. :) just kidding!

Have you enjoyed nature lately?

We LOVE living where we live! it is the best place on earth! (minus..the winter. but we'll learn to cope) we have been exploring west yellowstone and all it has to offer. we love to go hiking, and taking drives to see what we can see. and to thank our heavenly father everyday for this beauty! It truely is AMAZING!!!