Tuesday, June 23, 2009

our new baby...

So ever since we have visited bekah, i just really have wanted a cat. I know kinda weird. Thats what we both think. That when we were younger we hated cats. but...i found a little place in my heart for them. So i have been searching for the best one. and low and behold craigslist came threw for me..haha.
We love "yagi" he is so fluffy and cute. kinda scared for when he starts shedding..but maybe then we will just shave him. :) just kidding!


  1. A KItTY!! I want one too! So does Lorenzo....I am so jealous that you and Brooke got such cute pets....Malaki is really cute too!

  2. Love yhe pictures - especially the puddle one! The cat is adorable!

  3. A cat??? I never would have taken you for a cat person... but hey, every pet needs a home! and your home is perfect for yagi! So cute!