Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally pictures from the trip..

Alright. So Robb, Malaki and I went on a trip in our off season! it was amazing..I wish it would have lasted longer and I wish our car didn't break down. But whats a vacation without things going wrong right? so what happened was this...
Robb and I went to viva Las Vegas for 2 days..hung out did a lot of walking seeing the sites..then we went up to momma lee's grabbed Malaki and started our trippp..first stop Zion National Park.The day we left it was poring rain in St. George and our whole trip we planned to camp. so the weather kinda worried me but it turned out pretty good.
Next stop...
We left Zions and the weather was so good. it wasn't to hot and not to cold. At the gate of Bryce it was ok started to get a little chilly. And we flew threw Bryce. We got there I think about 4. Anywhoo. When we got out for our first scenic look. It was sooooooooooooo FREEZING...absolutely miserable!!!! was so windy and cold we had to get a hotel room that night so that kinda sucked but the trip went on...

I am not sure why but Robb and I both have this obsession, if you will, about trees. We just love them!

Capitol Reef National Park

Fruita School House. Capitol Reef.This is where we camped for a couple days. right by Goblin Valley State Park, UT.

I think this was Malaki's favorite. He loved hiking around and looking at all the weird rocks..So where we stayed in Goblin Valley was right next to old mining was really neat to see all there old houses and still in the river beds that are all dried up were old food cans. It was pretty cool.

Onnnnn the road again.........

Yet again another tree...i love this picture..
This was the other park Malaki LOVED..he had so much fun looking for caves and climbing up the rocks.

So the nice thing about this trip was that we didn't plan ANYTHING! We just kinda looked at the map and drove, planned things as we went along. Petrified Forest wasn't on our list of things to do. But we were here most of the day. there were alot of Indian homesteads here and petroglyphs that were pretty cool...and of course petrified wood!! haha....

Yes and we did go see the "big Ditch" it wasn't a very good day for it. The weather was nice but there was a fire somewhere and it made the grand canyon pretty hazy..but other than that it was awesome.

This is at the top of the tower over looking the grand canyon.

We got some really good family photos..this one is my favorite!
How sweet is my dog!!! she had sooo much fun too. She loved in and out of the car. walking around. At first I was nervous to take her. thinking that she would have to stay in the car a lot. But a lot of the parks let pets on trails so she had fun!!!
From the grand canyon we drove straight to Yuma, Az. It was a long drive we got there about midnight so Malaki slept most of the time. And then the next morning we drove to the sunshine..we thought. Here we are in Saint Deeeago! The weather was pretty chilly right along the ocean but we had fun anyways. Malaki was freaking out about the waves getting him so he stayed on the dry sand most of the time. Too bad it wasn't warm enough to throw him in. or else I would have.
Well hmmm... ya this is a good picture minus the people in the back ground looking at us..haha.
So I am gonna end with this adorable cute picture! What happened was we were in San Diego for maybe 2 hours when we noticed this awful sound coming from my engine of course. So we decided that it was pretty terrible we would go have it looked at. Robb thought it was a wheel barring? and I know those are alot of I was pretty bumbed about that. Well turns out that wasn't it. So we took it to a transmission place. And of course it is my "transfer case" this guy told us that it would be $2,200 just for the new part..haha way to go Oldsmobile lets make a car that is crazy hard to fix, and then lets make all the parts wicked expensive..ya that's a great idea! So we drove back to the hotel made some phone calls and found a junk yard that would fix it for 600..perfect "and you can have it done today?!?!?".."yeah if you get it here right now".. so we hurried and drove downtown. So we give the car to these guys they said they'll have it done by 5. They told us to just ride the trolley downtown and hang out and they'll call us when it's 5 o'clock rolls around and of course the car isn't done. (ok sorry i forgot to tell you about this place we took it, complete GHETTO!!!! so so so scary!) so one of the girls gave us a ride back to our hotel they told us it would be done tomorrow! so we stuck around the hotel the next day thinking our car would be done about 1....waiting...waiting...waiting...hahahaha..nothing!!! we were supposed to go to sea world and the zoo blah blah blah. well long story short we didn't get to do anything fun in San Diego cus we were waiting on our car the whole time. and our hotel was located like in residential business part of town so there was nothing to do and we had to walk like 8 block to get a bus.. :) so anyways $1500 and 3 days later we got the car finally. we were so mad and frustrated. I told Robb that as soon as we get the car we are driving home!! straight home!! we were supposed to do the red wood forest, Yosemite, the coast up to Oregon well that didn't happen were saving that for next time..but we had a blast and that's all that counts!

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  1. I love all your pictures...looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. Minus San Diego. We really miss you, it was so fun to spend time with you at Mom and Dad's house. Let us know when you want to see the East Coast and we will be more than happy to put you up here.