Sunday, May 24, 2009

From the back yard...almost.

So after our long vacation we decided before this town gets filled with to many people we would go enjoy our own park. So here's a couple photos i thought you might like.
So here we stumbled upon a awesome is he. he had some kinda white powder on his face that we couldn't figure out what it was. but if you look closely the shadow above his head is me standing out of our sun roof. that's how close he was to us.. he was way cool and his paws and claws were ginormous!!!!
Awwww..yiiiiiii bald eagle..if you can click on this to make it larger its an awesome picture!
For all my sisters that are making fun of me right now about the wild animal photos..this is for your children!!!!! haha...The first day we went into the park we went in to see all the baby bison. And we were pretty bumbed out because we hadn't seen any ..well then we came upon this baby that was probably 15 min. from being born it was the coolest thing ever. this wasn't the mom and baby, i thought i'd put this one on. so oliver and p. weren't asking what the afterbirth was..haha :)
This is out at big springs. We come here to feed the ducks usually, but that day there was only one and he wasn't very hungry. but we found somebody who was stttarrrving!!! a little muskrat..we loved him! he is really cute when he is wet, and malaki was really making me nervous that close to him, but he loved it. We also fed all the HUGE rainbow trout that are in these springs there way cool they just sit right under the bridge and wait for you to feed them bread! they love it!!!
I really hope I'm not boring anyone with all our animals malaki loves it. on days when we don't have anything to do we just drive around and look for animals!!! this is a baby moose robb and malaki found when i was working! he is she is so cute and tall!!
Anybody miss Montana and want to come visit!?!?! that's what this really was about that everyone would get home sick and come see us!!!! :)


  1. I'm annoyed because the pictures won't get larger when I click on them. Love the picts - wish we could visit! I'll show the kids manana the great pictures - they'll love them! What a great place to live (now that its spring)

  2. Yeah!!! I miss montana...I really wish I could come visit you! Unfortunately, that won't be possible till next summer...that is soo far from now. I loved all the animal pictures and so did Lorenzo. He would have way too much fun there. Love you and miss you lots!