Saturday, November 7, 2009

Angels Landing hike in Zion

Ok seriously! i hate loading pictures on here it never works out right for me!! arrr... look closely at this next picture along the spine you can see the chain where you walk. insane!!

The view!!!

march 08 i did the angels landing hike in zion, and I think ever since I did it, I've wanted to take mom. so FINALLY!!!! we did it last week it was soooo much fun. She loved it as well. Funny thing is, i thought she was really enjoying herself. the hike is difficult but we just chatted away so it went by very quickly thinking she is doing good. As many of you know the hike is crazy. you walk along the spine at the very top that totally varries in width. The have chains and rails to hold on too. it is pretty scary if you are afraid of hights. I think that kinda stuff is great!! i knew she was very nervous to do it, but i thought she'd do fine, its not that bad. To our suprise there were a ton of people hiking too. (not a ton, but quite a few) we thought it would be close to the off season and not that many people. anyways there is a spot that is kind of like a decision spot. if you want to keep going. so there are so many people that do this hard strenuous hike and dont even finish the last leg that is thee "angels landing" and truely it is amazing! So we finished and were on our way down and mom said "i think thats the most scared i've ever been in my life" haha. sorry i shouldn't laugh but she kept her cool so good. and i dont know if you all know but there has been many deaths on this paticular trail. the most recent one this last august. i dont know why but i kept saying jump. and mom was freaking out. 'dont you dare say that j word again' haha i would just use it in every sentence. its probably not funny to joke, but i'm kinda sick and twisted like that..haha..anywho here are some pictures..enjoy!

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  1. Those pictures are just beautiful! To be honest with you... I dont think I could ever do this hike. Im terrified of heights, and the thought of death by rolling down a jagged mountain just scares me a little bit! hmmm, I guess Im pretty wimpy! Way to go Dona and Tavi!!