Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no no no this isn't happening!

Yes yes it did. my baby turned 4 :( what a sad day. but it wasn't it was really fun. we really didn't do a heck of alot on his real day. through out the week we went swimming at sand hallow aquatic center (aka SHAC) we went to the pet store, and didn't get anything (yay for me for not giving in to myself..haha) we had a play date that was really fun. so ever since we've been at momma lee's we've done alot. so for his actually birthDAY we went and he got to pick out a toy..and had a picnic at the park. and i made him a killer cake. we all loved it. it was really fun. we had gyro's for dinner :) mmmm..yes they were soooo good. and we had presents..basicaly a bunch of clothes that were much needed! also next wed i am throwing malaki a suprise party at our house in montana. so hopefully i can get some where with internet to post pictures of that. .so happy birthday to my baby boy I LOVE YOU!

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  1. Happy Birthday "Big Boy"!!! I cant believe he's growing up so fast! He does look so big! That cake is amazing... sad we missed it all, but thanks for the pictures! Love and miss you guys!